Ireland’s all-new three-day Halloween spectacular is going to be insane! It’s the Púca festival

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Summer’s end, or Samhain, is looming one and all!

Indeed, it will soon be time to plan our most fearsome outfits, see the most vibrant ensembles adorned, faces splashed with makeup, splattered faux blood all about the place and witness Halloween parties galore.

However, this year, there’s a reason to be more excited than ever. It’s the year of Púca!

Named after the legendary Irish spirit that could bring good fortune, or indeed bad, it’s a celebratory weekend taking place across three festival hubs — Athboy, Drogheda and Trim Castle. Púca culminates the true meaning of the Celtic tradition — Samhain — and as they say, it’s ‘where Halloween’s story begins.’

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